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Glenn Beck’s Post-Election Plan: Buy Farmland and Guns!

Karyn shared this video on Wednesday.

It shows Glenn Beck explaining his post-election plan: To buy farmland and guns.

Beck’s talk is interesting because it illustrates a huge problem that we’re coming up against in the Middle East, as well as in the Midwest and everywhere in between: Bigotry and its offshoot, Fundamentalism. When other people do this, there’s often a hint of subtlety about it. Not with Beck. He goes all out from the moment he opens his mouth. He starts with a splinter of insight, spins a story around it, and BELIEVES.

In some ways, I can understand him. There’s trouble ahead. For too many years, we’ve been the richest country in the world, but that wasn’t enough for us. We boosted our living standards by borrowing crazy amounts of money, and we’re still doing it.

Beck sees the government debt. I see the private debt. BOTH types are bad, not because debt is bad in itself, but we didn’t borrow to finance productive investments. It would have been bad enough if we had borrowed to finance unproductive investments, like luxury houses and cars, but we didn’t stop there. Vast amounts of borrowing went into financing Wall Street gambling, and (more deeply down) to protect our illusion that the future will continue to offer Americans high-paid low-skilled jobs. That era is, in reality, already over.

Beck thinks the house of cards will come down because Obama got reelected. Bless him. I think it’ll come down when the interest rates go up, which they’ll do when the flow of money from China dries up. This will happen when some Chinese leader gets mad over who “owns” some rocks in the South China Sea, or because someone calls Taiwan an independent nation, or because the Chinese economy falls apart because of too much corruption or speculation. Their system is far less stable and resilient than ours.

Beck doesn’t see all this, but he sees enough that he’s scared. He’s scared of socialism. Well, I’m scared of socialism, too, or at least some forms of it. My father spent the war years in Russia, and had seen first-hand what Soviet socialism was up to. He fought the Germans in 1940-45, when they went cuckoo with national socialism. At that point, Beck’s advice actually made sense: People who owned farmland, were less gaunt than others, and the guys with the guns had a share in thowing the Gemans out.

See how easy it is to go off on a tangent, and start spinning stories? The really interesting thing here is how people like Beck can manage to start with so few facts, and build a theory that’s so big, and then actually get people to BELIEVE in him. Those crazies are out there right now, buying guns and farmland. But how much less crazy are we, for believing that interest rates will stay low and that we can wait till next year before we start tackling the Global Warming problem?

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