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One more reason why I love Norway

I love living in a country where relatively recent leaps in technology have created a total paradigm shift from the extreme poverty of 100++ years above, to the dizzying heights of affluence of today … WHILE some of us still remember the old days well enough to appreciate the contrast.

I love living in a country where the cultural values still reflect attitudes that were necessary during all those years of poverty: Self discipline, thrift, long-term planning, and a sense of responsibility for one’s neighbours.

I’m not sure that the next generation will manage to keep those advantages alive.

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The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning

James Lovelock has a problem with populist consensus climate science, and the way it’s being used politically. He is deeply concerned that we’re wasting our efforts on misguided attempts to “save the planet”, when the planet’s most certainly going take care of itself, in one way or another. What we need to do, is to save ourselves.

Geological history shows that the earth can exist in several relatively stable states with rapid transitions from one to the other. Lovelock does a good job of describing some of the negative feedback loops that stabilize these states. He also describes, in chilling detail, some of the positive feedback loops that can replace them, and cause the sudden transitions. Read more…