Half Truths

It’s well known that it’s easier to explain the past than to predict the future.

The main reason for this discrepancy is not that we have perfect information about the past, and not about the future.

It’s that we are easily satisfied by half-truths … as long as we’re not too afraid that events will prove us wrong.

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When would be the best time to tackle Global Warming?

I’ve found a metaphor for Global Warming. It’s like the tall tree that’s growing close to a friend’s house.
  • Fifty years ago, I could have disposed of it with a pair of clippers.
  • Thirty years ago, it would have required nothing beyond a handsaw. Read more…
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The Soul

I’ve had trouble defining the word “soul”, but believe that I’ve found a solution. A “soul” can be seen as the difference between the whole and the apparent sum of its parts.

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Mobs are terrifying. The sense of individual rationality disappears into the black hole of crowd psychology, while the onlookers get paralyzed by the bystander effect.

We’ve seen it so many times now that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. When it still does, I believe it’s because of the pretense that we’re rational, thinking beings who are always trying to be “good”.

For whether or not we like it, whenever human beings are in a crowd, many of them are going to let the crowd do a lot of their thinking for them. Read more…

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Advice to a young person

1. Life is like a sewer.

What you get out of it
depends on what you put into it..

2. Life is also like a bank account.

What you get out of it
depends on what you put into it
and what you’ve already taken out of it.

3.  Life is like a sewer and a bank account.

Some of the things you put into it
will ferment and multiply, and pay you back
many times more than you put in.

4. Life is long.

If you learn to solve one small problem today
and one more tomorrow, and one more the day after that,
you’ll know 11,680 different things by the time you’re 50.
One of them will save your life.
One of them will save your marriage.
And you’ll still (probably) have over 30 years left
to enjoy the rest of the benefit.




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Today’s greeti…

Today’s greeting from TED came in the form of this challenge:

I have four subjects that come immediately to mind. They are all worthy of those 5 minutes of people’s attention. They all have the power to fire up the listeners’ minds and imagination. The stories are both simple and compelling, and the insight they bring could lead to important changes in people’s lives. Read more…

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What Must Be Said

Günther Grass created a lot of controversy last week with the poem “Was Gesagt Werden Muss” – “What Must Be Said”.

Grass’s biggest mistake when he wrote the poem, was to use an ambiguous form to invite discussion about a flammable subject. Everybody who reads such a text will read into it what they think it means. Read more…

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